Thomas Michael Thomas

Thomas Michael Thomas was born on July 17, 1943, in Marion, Ohio to Henrietta Pearl Thomas, and Paul Edgar Thomas. And, later in life, gained knowledge of his birth Father, John Kleinman. He leaves behind his high school sweetheart & loving wife of 54 years, Tedra Lynn Hicks Thomas. Beloved daughters: Michele Thomas (Bob Overholt), and Carolyn Beth Knowlton (John). His “favorite” Grandchildren: Ian Thomas Knowlton, & Tedra Lynn Knowlton. Step-Granddaughter: Shanda Richards. Who he teasingly called Shanda from Uganda. Brothers: Roger Lee Thomas (Karen) and Gary Richard Thomas (Sylvia). And, Sister: Patricia Kleinman Singley (Van). He is preceded in death by his son, Thomas Michael Thomas, Jr., and sister Mary Elizabeth Kleinman Hooker (Boots). Tom and Teddie, began dating while attending North Miami Senior High; their love continued to grow with Tom asking Teddie to elope and to meet him at the A&W Root-beer stand. Teddie, attempting to call his bluff, agreed to meet with young Tom. However, she stated, “if you don’t show up, don’t ever talk to me again.” He showed up, and their adventure through life began on July 13, 1963, eloping from the A&W Root-beer stand in. Miami Fl. They drove all night, heading to Albany, GA. The two were smart enough to realize that, being underage, Teddie must drive them across state lines, so it wouldn’t be considered kidnapping, and Teddie signed legal documents that there were extenuating factors as to why she had to marry while under the legal age limit. In her mind, her parents were killing her, and Tom, was an extenuating circumstance .After moving to Knoxville, TN, in August of 1992, he owned and operated A-1 Certified Service. Tom was a man who lived and breathed the HVAC business. He was ever the salesman, even trying to sell product to nurses while in the hospital. He retired, leaving the business, proudly, in the capable hands of his daughter, Michele. So, if you need HVAC, you better call A-1 Certified Service! He would have been disappointed if I didn’t mention that -All who knew Tom will tell you of his amazing wit, creative songs, and compassion for all he met; helping other’s without expecting in return,taking in stray-people, cats, dogs, and even collecting extra children along the way: (Daughters Cheryl Dean Rood (Kevin) , Vicki Thomas Ling (Cliff), and Jacqueline Pruitt McDonald (John) -were, and always will be, “his girls”.)He penned many hilarious tunes over the years, “I’m a Redneck from Miami” and “Nanie Went to Heaven on a Snapper”. Being among our favorite. The latter, which was penned when he watched his mother-in-law, Carolyn, drop a lit cigarette out of her mouth while standing over an open gas tank of a snapper lawn mower. He was a dreamer, a lover of music, travel, family and friends. His children will always remember their parents dancing, laughing, and fighting (We are Thomas’s – it’s what we do). We love fiercely and fight even more so.Tom was a member of Grace Baptist Men’s Bible class and loved all the men that shared the word of God with him. In all honesty, we could not have asked for a better husband, father, grandfather, brother, or friend. He made you laugh, and every day, he told you he loved you. It was important to him that you knew you were loved. He made mistakes, we all do. He was human. But he loved the Lord God and his family. And this, his legacy, will continue on throughout his family. Let me end this by saying; making an obituary totally sucks! It’s one of my least favorite things in life to do. It reminds me of the book of Genesis, in the Bible, for some reason. The part where it details who begat whom and it seems to go on for an eternity. But the big reminder here is that we are all descendants of the only begotten son, our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. I know by the word of God, we will be reunited again in the kingdom of heaven. That thought, and only that thought, will sustain us the rest of our days on Earth.
1 Thessalonians 4:13-18 (NIV)

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