Ruth Ann (Hill) Caughorn

Ruth Ann (Hill) Caughorn was born April 9, 1947.

This is when her journey began,

Ruth was the daughter of Virgil Allen Hill (Father) & Martha Edna Green (Hill) (Mother).

Ruth was the sister or sister in law to Carlos and Glenda Hill, Mary and Jerry Howard, Delores and Tom Martin, Joe Hill and Catherine Griffith.

Ruth was the Mother (Bird) or Mother-in-law of Kimberly Moore, Emory Weaver and Linda Lyons, Bobby Weaver and Mequeeta Weaver, Dennis Weaver and Kristi Weaver, David Weaver and Timothy Weaver.

Ruth was the Aunt to Jerry Howard, Catherine Howard, Tommy Howard, Carol Hill, Toni Martin, Veronica Rice and Tessa Hill Brian Hill.

Ruth was the mamaw of Randy Reed, Ronald Reed, Joshua Reed, Rebecca Godfrey, Mary Godfrey, Joshua Weaver, Ashley Weaver,       Triston Weaver, Kelli Weaver, Emeline Weaver, Christopher Weaver, Haley Weaver and Timothy Weaver.

Ruth was the great grandma to Alexis Reed, Haleigh Reed, Randy Reed II, Joshua Reed,Victoria Reed, Summer Reed, Jordan Reed, Trinity Reed, Aaron Daniel, Cody Daniel, Zachary Daniel, Gracelyn Daniel, David Godfrey, Shawn Godfrey, Ariella Godfrey, Joshua Weaver Jr, Kayson Whaley, Phoenix Weaver, Kyleigh Weaver and Karliegh Weaver

Ruth (our mother) Had many roles in her life, she was a daughter, sister, friend, MOTHER (Bird), mamaw, great grandmother, aunt, and friend. She loved her family and friends; She gave her heart to so many! She would speak what was on her mind if she needed to do so.  She would feed you if you were hungry, wash your clothes if you were dirty, and has been known to give you a place to lay your head if you were tired. There are many qualities that I have not mentioned about the woman we called daughter, sister, MOTHER (Bird), Aunt, Mamaw, Great Grandma, or friend, and each person will have their own story about her. 

On June 13, 2021 her journey ended here with us. 

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    • Great Grandmother to Kristopher weaver and Kaslee Weaver and Mother in law for 25 years to Amanda Weaver we love u and will always miss having u around

  1. Ruth was a 2nd mom to me. She took me and my babies in and fed us, did our laundry for us and she allowed us to live with her even after Emory and I split. We had our many ups and downs thru the years but she was a rock when I needed her.
    A couple of memories I have come to mind. I loved the fact that she somehow wound up moving into the very 1st apt that we brought our baby boy Josh home to, even with that ugly toilet wallpaper in the downstairs bathroom.
    Ruth loved getting up in the morning to her 1st cup of coffee and cigarette. I never had paid attention to how she liked her coffee. One morning I woke before her and decided to put on the coffee. The aroma woke her and she said thank you Diane. She went to the bathroom and I proceeded to make her and I a cup. Needless to say I made her coffee the way I drank mine..BIG MISTAKE as she sat down and light her cigarette and took a drink of her coffee and she SPIT it out at me and said Diane, did you put sugar in my coffee….OOPS!!!
    She made the best tea ever!! I will miss you deeply. Fly high you beautiful lady!!

  2. Mamaw Ruth was also my mother in law but more like a mother to me my heart is broken she has done so much for me it would be impossible to put it all down she gave me a husband that I loved more then life 3 grand children that mean the world to me and most of all 4 great grandchildren that words can not express the love I have for them she gave me a great family so to round it all up thats more love then anyone could ask for because without her I would not had 1 of them in my life she was the root to my life and will forever grow I love you moma mamaw Ruth you will always be a missing piece of my heart ❤ I will always love you

  3. Ruth was also a great great grandmother to Kristopher weaver kaslee weaver and a Mother to her Son Timothy weaver Wife of 25 years Amanda Weaver she was a great woman and lived a great life we will always miss her but she will always be with us in our Hearts forever we LOVE U lady

  4. Mamaw Ruth , (Bird),
    was so many roles in our lives , she took my husband (Sam Yearout),in as one of her own children when he was 11yrs old , she never treated him any different then she did her on children she treated him as if he was one of her and loved him just as a mother should , so then came along me (Jess) I guess u could say I was an adopted (daughter in law) and have been for 28yrs , I love / loved /will always love Mamaw Ruth , she has been a rock for many people me included and I could go to her for anything I needed, when times were hard , sad , good ,bad she would always lend her ear , let u cry on her shoulder and or give u advice on what u should or should not do even if it was something u didn’t wanna hear . Thats another thing I can say about Mamaw Ruth she didn’t sugar coat anything she just put it like it was . I have had so many memories with her I can’t even explain or say but I no one thing she will forever be in our hearts and we will forever miss her , she also was a wonderful grandmother to my children (Hannah and Hunter ) and to all of her grandchildren and great grandchildren. I could sit and write a million great things about her but there could never be enough room so I’m gonna close it with I LOVE U RUTH and u will always hold a place in my heart and Sam’s and Hannahs . We love u bird .

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