Ronald Keith Keller

Ronald Keith Keller passed away September 7, 2022, and with that, the world lost a first
class mechanic and an accomplished storyteller. Born on February 8, 1942 to Mary
Margaret Woodby Keller and Kenneth Howard Keller, he learned everything he knew
about engines at the knee of his father, whom he described as the best and most
patient teacher ever. He loved his dad so much that a picture of him is the first thing
you’d see when he opened his wallet. He was preceded in death by both parents and
two brothers-in-law.
Ron, or “Ronnie” if you’d known him since he was young, had a fondness for anything
with a motor. He was an exceptionally skilled mechanic. A week before his death, he
got into his daughter’s car. She started it and he immediately pointed out a “tick”. It had
just left the dealership, but when she took it back in, sure enough, there’s an obscure
problem on a minute percentage of that model. While living with his daughter and her
family, he spent many lazy evenings debating the merits of Chevrolets and Fords with
his son-in-law. That argument has still not been settled.
He loved seeing and aggravating his grandchildren while living with his daughter and
they knew he always kept Mountain Dew and Little Debbie cakes and was good for at
least a $5 when they went to the skating rink.
Blessed with a quick, often sarcastic, sense of humor, he could easily charm anyone he
put his mind to charming and infuriate the ones he didn’t. He was a favorite of most, but
not all, when he was in the hospital, rehab centers, Waffle House and Hardee’s. He
would give you the shirt off his back and sometimes the shirt off someone else’s if you
needed it. He had more stories than you could shake a stick at. The challenge was
identifying fact and fiction, but he was always entertaining and he had a wide circle of
friends who are missing him already.
He is survived by his daughters, Kristin Sands (Lucas), Megan Boring (Shannon), Mary
Brown and Amelia Baker (Chris); grandchildren Jordan(Katie), Gracie, Ellie, Quade,
Anna, Emily, Jake, Tyra, Haylee, Jase, Mason and Merynn, and one great-grandson,
Lincoln. He is also survived by all his sisters, Phyllis (LP), Janice (Wayne), Mary Lynn
and Becky and his brother Jerry (Agnes) who has looked out for him for years,
brothers-in-law, nieces and nephews as well as his ex-wife and mother of his four
daughters, Gwen Beem. Bo Nuchols was a faithful friend whom he loved until the end.
Linda and Larry Patty, his cousin and her husband were life-long friends, and he was
living with them at the time of his death but counting the days until he could move to his
daughter’s house in Greenback. It won’t be the same without him there.
While he was not attending any church, he was adamant that “I know where I’m going”
and could be seen reading his Bible every night when he didn’t know anyone was
watching. He knew Scripture and could hold his own in any discussion. In the end, it
wasn’t COPD or heart disease that took him, it was losing his sight to the point that he
couldn’t drive “Big Red” on his rounds to Hardee’s and Waffle House every day. Thank
you to all of the workers there who watched out for him and cared for him and thanks to
Megan who is the only one who could convince him to go to the hospital.
A memorial service will be held on September 18 at 2 p.m. at Salem Baptist Church,
4602 Salem Road, Greenback

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