Pre-Planning for Cremation

Pre-planning is a difficult subject to talk about, whether you chose a traditional funeral or cremation. Dogwood Cremation LLC. encourages you to take some time and talk to your spouse and loved ones, make some decisions, then make some calls. Don't leave your final arrangements to chance, take charge and get what you and your loved ones desire. Your loved ones will appreciate your effort more than you can imagine. Just experiencing the loss of a loved one is life changing and having to plan the arrangements in their grief can be devastating for some. However, pre-planning and having your wishes known can be a great relief; to your loved ones, in their time of mourning.

Cremation is becoming a more common choice for personal funeral planning. Choosing cremation can provide flexible options when considering what type of service and where your cremains are to be placed or scattered. Cremation allows your loved ones time to arrange your service without feeling rushed and can accommodate out of town guests that may want to attend.

How to Pre-Plan for Cremation

Invite family and friends to be part of the initial discussion when considering cremation. Those that are left behind in grief may seek comfort from a funeral service, therefore considering the feelings of those closest to you is an integral part of the planning process.

Discuss how your cremation will be paid with your loved ones. Make a list of all questions or concerns you and your loved ones have and schedule a time to discuss your list with the funeral director.

Choose a final resting place that will provide your family with comfort and peace of mind to you. Cremation offers a wide range of opportunities such as easily transporting an urn to a family plot, scattering ashes or being placed in a mausoleum. If you want your ashes scattered or have the urn transported to a particular location, make sure family and friends are willing to follow through with these wishes without becoming uncomfortable or distressed.

Write out all specific requests regarding your cremation. This can be done at a lawyer’s office in the form of a will or a simple form called a “personal funeral planning guide.” Make sure family members know where to locate the appropriate forms when necessary.

Contact Dogwood Cremation LLC., to help resolve any question and the details of planning for your cremation.

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