Kevin Lang Carter

CARTER, KEVIN LANG – age 60, joined his beloved wife, Susan Louise Musselman Carter, on November 22, 2014. Susan passed away after a long and difficult illness on November 6th this year. Kevin attended his wife’s funeral on November 13, seemingly delighted in the tribute to her life and comforted by the closeness of family and friends. Just 9 days later, on what would have been Susan’s 59th birthday, Kevin died of an apparent broken heart. Kevin suffered from a number of maladies and a deep depression when health issues separated he and his wife several months ago. He is survived by his sons, Daniel and Cliff Carter; his daughter-in-law (Daniel’s wife), Ashley; and their children (his grandchildren), Audrey, Cadence and Sydney. Kevin’s parents, Clifton and Linda Carter, predeceased him. Kevin was an avid football fan all of his life- playing as a youth at Coalfield High School, mentoring his children, and a true UT Volu nteer fan. His family and friends will miss him.

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