Jerry “Allen” Baines

Jerry Baines
    Jerry “Allen” Baines
    July 13, 1970 – August 17, 2015
    People are often defined by those they meet throughout their life by “what they do” i.e their career.  In the world of metal manipulation, Allen was       a trail blazer.  Many owe their own skill set to the mentor-ship of Allen.  Allen was a renowned specialist in the art of Automotive Dent Repair,           and this community has showed Allen and his family in support during this time.
   The people who matter most in someone’s life define that person by more than how they earn their living.  Allen’s family knew him as a loyal              family member who would sacrifice his own well being to help those he loved, he often happily gave more than he had to give.  Everyone needs to      play, and play Allen did.  He displayed an impressive mastery of force, spheres and angles in the game of Billiards. Allen was also thrilled to                navigate winding trails through the woods with only his physical strength and a bicycle.  Music played a special role in his life. Allen was one of      those who had the ability to play and sing in a way that would leave a smile on even the most sour face.
   All of this being said, one trait both defined Allen and acted as a place for his mind to play at the same time.  Allen was a determined student of          Reason, Science, Logic, Intellectual Honesty, and the elimination of Cognitive Dissonance.  Allen found great comfort in his journey from faith to    reason.  He once fondly recollected this journey and confided that he was at peace with his all to early rendezvous with his own mortality.  He had nothing to fear, and his only lament was of too little time to spend with those he loved so deeply.  He confided that the anxiousness about “judgment day” which haunted him in his youth had been comfortably dismissed.  As he requested, I will make it known that he never recanted his acceptance of reality on his deathbed.  Allen was until the very last breath a Humanist and Freethinker.
Allen’s life will be celebrated by all who had the pleasure to know him on September 5th at his home. In particular may it be known that those particularly involved in this celebration of his life include his loving and devoted wife (Regina Baines), 4 children (Bethany Garland, Whitney Baines, Megan Wilson and Thomas Wilson),  Son in law Michael Garland, Mother (Kathy Phillips), Brother/Sister in Law (Brian and Brenda Baines), Father and Mother in Law (Ron and Cheri Adams, LaSalle, CO), Sisters in Law (Terrie Adams Plizga, Woodland Hills, CA and Sandy Adams, Loveland CO) Brother in Law (Eric Adams, Port Ludlow, WA and John Hildebrand, Loveland, CO), Dearest Friends that he deemed family (Amy Collins and “his kids” Courtney, Nick and Alex, Caleb Humphrey, Roger Lowd and Walt Williamson).
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