Hillard Hardy II

Hillard S. Hardy II (BO) 68 passed away Oct 6. Bo was born May 27, 1954, at Bar Harbor hospital. Bo was predeceased by his parents Hillard Sr and Lucille. Bo is survived by his two brothers, Les and Frank, and his four children, William, Christine, Cayenne, and Kyle.

Bo’s thoughts were always of his children. Even in his final moments he was worried for them. No words can be written to ever express his love for his children or their love for him.

My father was always my guiding light. No matter what laid in my path my father was always there to help me past it. One memory of many, before my sophomore year in college, I was not sure I would go back. Two days before the cut off, I called my father and told him I wanted to go back to school. The problem was I was 2 states away. My father after working a 12-hour shift, driver 13 hours to pick me up and then another 13 to drop me off at college. Never once did he stop to rest or express any frustration in the situation. He was a gift to so many.

Bo will be put to rest next to his parents in Lincolnville ME.

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