What is Cremation?

Cremation is the thermal process whereby the human body is reduced to ashes. 


Is Embalming Necessary?

No. Direct Cremation is an arrangement choice that embalming is not necessary.


Is a Casket Required For Cremation?

No. You may choose an alternative container for direct cremation. Our alternative container is made up of cardboard material. However, a casket may be selected and can be cremated if the casket is biodegradable (made of combustible material such as wood).


What Is An Urn?

An urn is a receptacle that holds the cremated remains of the deceased. Urns are made in many different materials and style.


Is An Urn Required?

No. We provide a black plastic urn with our direct cremation. You may purchase an urn of your choosing if desired.


What Do I Do With The Ashes?

Cremation allows you to have options when it comes to the disposition of cremated remains. Options include: scattering, keeping, burying, or interment of the remains in a niche at a local cemetery.


Can We Have A Service?

Yes. We can help you plan a service or you can do this on your own. Plan a date and time for your family and friends to gather and celebrate the life of your loved one. This can be done at your church, home, or anywhere you want.


How Long Is A Normal Grief Period?

There is no exact time period for grief. Everyone has a different grieving period. Grief should never be hidden. The longer you try and hide your grief, the longer you will grieve. Confide in friends and family. Grief counseling is also available at Grief.com.