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Byron Thomas Stocks died from cancer at home Dec.10, 2018 with the love of his life, Denise at his side. 

A spiritual man he followed the Buddhist teachings, had accepted Christ at a young age and recently reaffirmed that commitment.

Byron lived life to its fullest, a true man’s man who had been to every state and a few other countries. He especially enjoyed the desert southwest and experiencing Native American culture.

He epitomized the quote “NEVER live a life of quiet desperation”.

Unforgettable, interesting, entertaining, an avid reader with a wide range of knowledge and experiences.

Those fortunate enough to be his friend had a loyal and trustworthy confidant. He had your back. A true foxhole friend.

Fiercely patriotic, he served in the U.S. Air Force. Not one to mince words he often held captive audiences wherever he went imploring Americans to WAKE UP and take back our country. Politically conservative, he often gifted people with copies of Ayn Rands works, especially “Atlas Shrugged”, the American Constitution and to warn of the evils of liberalism, Rules for Radicals.

Helping others when and however possible with no strings attached, generous to a fault, Byron had the ability to really SEE a person

An adventurous daredevil who never backed down from a worthy confrontation, He was an inspiration.

An avid fisherman, he won trophies and prizes in many Bass tournaments. He especially enjoyed taking part in the annual Julia Marie fishing day for disabled children in Louisiana. 

Byron’s eclectic work career ranged from  land surveyor, Reno, Nev bar manager, sales, tour guide, chemistry company owner, leather carver, jewelry designer and creator, with oil rigs logistics coordinator being his longest and favorite occupation.

Tough but tender hearted, he danced to the beat of a different drummer. 

He is survived by his wife and soulmate Denise aka “Twinkles”. Daughter Dove aka “Sundance”, his faithful dog Cricket, dear friend Mary and many people who loved him.

Byron carried in his wallet 2 items, his wedding picture and a frayed copy of a long quote by Theodore Roosevelt that ends with: His place shall never be with those cold and timid souls who know neither victory or defeat.”


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  1. Barney was one of mine and my husband’s best and dearest friends. We spent many hours talking and laughing. I will miss him dearly,he was one of a kind never forget the wisdom

  2. Barney was one of mine and my husband’s dearest and best friends,I will miss him. He was one of a kind! I’m so happy to know that he knew the Lord and I will see him again.

  3. I will miss our talks, listening to the many endless tales of your journeys on this earth and all the advice you shared with me, I will treasure. I miss the fire you lit in everyone. Thank you for being you, my family and loving her the way you did. A swell pirate off to sea, this side or the other, dancing with the sun. Love you.

  4. My friend, I miss you! Thank you for sharing your books, thoughts, love for your country. Honor being your friend!

  5. Every one ( if fortunate enough) will have that one person in your path of life that is unique and brave and intelligent and Byron is that one. A few weeks before Byron’s passing, I had a long conversation with him. We both agreed on many subjects! ( Thank goodness!- Byron is a form able conversationalist!) He did love his country and his wife,Denise,”Twinkles”and”SunDance”,Dove his daughter with a fever!! He was highly intelligent and well informed! It took me a long time to think of what to write…..because I wanted to do him justice, and honor Byron as it should be. Byron will be missed. And often thought of….many good memories will surface in many people, thinking of him. Til we meet again in Heaven,Byron. Good bye for now…….

  6. I enjoyed Byron’s stories at the dog park, he regaled me with stories of his Ocelot, Tommy and also treasure hunting in the desert of Nevada. His story of a man coming to his bar with a bag of rattle snakes as well as the aforementioned stories illustrate the adventurous man he was. I enjoyed talking boxing with him and can only hope that my life is as complete a life that his was.

  7. Malcolm and I were so blessed to have had a true friend that we called Barney. He was truly one of a kind and I’m so thankful we got to spend such a great weekend with him and Denise, his soulmate no doubt, at the end of October. It was a wonderful, magical weekend. He got to fish in our pond, we all sat by the fire and he told great stories, and we played music for him and Denise, he was our biggest fan! I’ll cherish those memories forever! We’ll be together again on the other side of the rainbow bridge. We love you, Barney!

  8. I didn’t know Byron long but he’s unforgettable.
    Loved hearing his stories. We were years apart but shared
    a lot in common- Air Force, fishing and love of books
    And our country. We’ll miss you. Smooth sailing Byron!
    Paul and Wanda Bach

  9. Dear Denise, I never met your husband, but I know he was a kind and giving man. We are so sorry for your loss. I know this is a very difficult time for you, I wish we were closer, as I’d give a hug.
    Someday, when we all get to heaven, we will meet each other again. God love you.
    Barb, Leland

    • Thank you Barb & Leland. He would’ve appreciated you taking time to read it and leaving a comment as do I. He was unforgettable.

  10. He was definitely unforgettable. Thank you for reading about him. It would’ve meant a great deal to him as it does me.

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